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LSIC (Local School Improvement Council)

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Local School Improvement Councils

Local School Improvement Councils (LSIC) are required per W.Va. Code § 18-5A-2. These councils exist at each public school in West Virginia. Membership of the LSIC is comprised of teachers, service personnel, bus drivers, parents, business and community representatives. An election occurs annually for membership. The LSIC is directly involved with the operation of the local school in many ways. The LSIC reviews discipline data and procedures yearly and submits written recommendations to the local school board. They encourage involvement of the school community with the school operation through regular LSIC meetings and collaboration. They support local initiative for school improvement by being directly involved with the strategic planning and innovative ideas. A direct link with the local school board occurs through an annual meeting at which all school aspects inclusive of academics, athletics, discipline, school climate, facilities, needs, improvement and recommendations are presented and discussed.

The West Virginia Department of Education has developed an electronic resource for schools and communities to assist them in their efforts to provide quality school improvement through Local School Improvement Councils. The following quick link will connect you with a summarized visual and audio version of W. Va. § 18-5A-2 Local School Improvement Councils, by section and category.


This version serves only as a resource and is not a substitute for the full version of W.Va. § 18-5A-2 which can be accessed in its entirety at

(Source: West Virginia Department of Education)