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-October 2nd: Spelling Test, Vocab Quiz, and Reading Test

2nd Grade Math - Lesson 2 Focus

Solve One-Step Word Problems

2nd Grade Math Vocabulary Words

Sum - the result of addition

Difference - the result of subtraction

Fact Family - a group of related number sentences that use the same numbers but in different order

Add - to combine or find the total of two or more numbers

Addend - a number being added

Subtract - to take away or separate one number from another

Equation - a mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign (=) to show that two expressions have the same value

Equal Sign (=) - a symbol used to compare numbers that have the same value

2nd Grade Week 1 Vocabulary 

Desert - a dry, often sandy area where hardly any plants grow due to little rain

Earth - the planet on which we live

Flower - the colored part of the plant that produces seeds or fruit

Hill - a raised area of land that is smaller than a mountain

Lake - a large body of fresh water surrounded by land

Mountain - a very high piece of land

Ocean - a large body of salt water that covers most of Earth's surfaces

River - a large natural stream of water that flows into a lake or an ocean

Tree - a large, woody plant with a long trunk, roots, branches, and leaves

Story of the Week 

I Love the Earth


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If you have any questions you can contact me at 304-652-2601.

2nd Grade Week 2 Spelling Words

 1.) wet

 2.) pen

 3.) else

 4.) legs

   5.) went

  6.) sent

7.) yes

 8.) rest

9.) left

 10.) end

 Sight Words

     11.) come

  12.) was

 13.) put

          Star Words           

    14.) again

           15.) many       

2nd Grade Week 1 High Frequency Words
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