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Our classroom is a positive learning environment in which everyone practices tolerance, empathy, and creativity.  By promoting healthy practices, following all the rules, and administering constructive feedback, students will foster successful relationships that lead toward educational growth and academic success.  I will act as a facilitator of this creative growth process.  Throughout our learning, we will explore media, techniques/processes, the elements of art and principles of design, subject matter, symbols, ideas, art history, diversity, reflection, analysis, and multi-disciplinary connections.  In addition to the regular curriculum, there will hopefully be opportunities for your student to participate in art shows, including Arts Alive in Charleston.

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Meet the Teacher

  • Education:  Masters of Arts in Art Education/ Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
  • Favorite Color:  Green
  • Favorite Artist:  Botticelli, Van Gogh, & too many others to list
  • Favorite Painting:  The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur


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Sketchbook Assignments

week 25
*OPTIONAL [March 3] WEEK 25: Sketchbook Assignment

"Draw an interesting form of transportation." [optional]

Wed Mar 03 06:27 AM

Week 24
*OPTIONAL [February 26] WEEK 24: Sketchbook Assignment

Draw a place where everything is upside down. (OPTIONAL)

Fri Feb 26 06:28 AM

Week 23
[February 15-19] WEEK 23: Sketchbook Assignment

"Draw someone or something you love." (we skipped week 22)

Sun Feb 14 07:00 AM

week 21
[February 8-12] WEEK 21: Sketchbook Assignment

Draw what is under your bed; it can be real or something you have imagined.

Thu Feb 11 06:17 AM


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